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Something strange has occurred in the Fortress of the Blue Knights. You have been sent to investigate.

Fortress of the Fallen Angels is a 30+ minute horror exploration game exploring visual storytelling and level design. I developed it in 2017 as part of my degree. It was one of my earliest Unreal Engine 4 projects so it is very rough around the edges, performance issues and bugs abound! Beware! I'm uploading it now because I feel like people might enjoy it anyway, and i'm very proud of it visually : )

The game is not optimised, but should run smoothly on a GTX960 and above.


The game also contains a few jump scares, keep an eye out when you're in a dark area if those bother you!

Install instructions

Unzip the zip and play using  the exe! Easy peasy!


FotFA (64 bit) 721 MB
FotFA (32 bit) 695 MB


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This was a really cool game! I wasn't sure if it was going to be spooky but I was wrong! Great job! 

I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Hey there! I played your game and really enjoyed it! I also got literally stuck near the end (In a wall) I escaped but accidentally made the game multiplayer in the console trying to escape. At any rate I really had a lot of fun and thought the narrative you created was great! 


I'm glad you had fun! Sorry about the bug! Lets pretend you unlocked a secret alternate ending!

The big tortoise died because it ran into  one of the pillars while it was chasing you and hit its head btw :D you just wern't facing it!

Will there ever be a version to play on a mac?

Sadly I don't have a mac which makes packaging the game quite difficult, if I manage to export it for mac in future I'll let you know : )

Oh okay, thank you!

Can I play this on a 32-bit system?

I've added a 32 bit version : ) I can't guarantee it will run as well as the 64 bit version, but hopefully it works for you!

Oh, thank you, friend, I will keep you informed for faults!


Great game. I hope you do more like this in the future. I would love to see you do more in the horror genre I think you would be great at it. I loved the atmosphere and the monster designs. Only complaint would be the jump scares were a little repetitive could use some variety. But I don't mean this in a rude way. Anyway amazing game I really hope you do more horror.

Glad you enjoyed yourself! The jumpscares were added very last minute just to make the creepy faces seem more malicious I definitely agree there should have been more variety! If I re release this at any point thats definitely a change id be making (among many!) 

Thanks for the reply. If I may make a suggestion. Can you make it fullscreen? I think that would make it much better. Anyway I would love to play a remastered version of this game. Should you decide to make one. Once again great job!!

I think if you press F11 it should go fullscreen. Not 100% sure why it isn't by default, i'm sure it did in testing (although I made it over a year ago so my memory isn't great :D


It didn't work for me but that just might be me. I'm not sure.  But its not really a problem. Thanks for replying again. I really love it when devs get involved with the people that play their games. Much respect to you.


I think I needed to take some paranormal investigators with me on this one. That aside, really nice work, it really makes you question and theorize on what happened. Now... looking forward to The Testimony of Trixie Glimmer Smith. ;) 


I'm glad you enjoyed the game : D Always fun to watch people play through my stuff!



Well, first of all wow, You have put so much work into this and the attention to detail is just awesome, the overall presentation (to me ) does present a slightly dark adventure. 

The way the player has to traverse the environment is great and as you travel around you are presented with some great dangers such as the insect swarms, the arrows coming from the castle etc.

There's some really great scary aspects to the game not only from the smily cats that appear but also from those damn gaurds that drag themselves across the floor. They just scared the sweet bejesus out of me.

Another great aspect of the game is how you have to collect the symbols to open doors and you have made "Keys" a thing of the past and adding symbols as keys has made this adventure a little more "mysterious".

I will also admit that I am a little tired tonight from a hard weeks graft but I have added this game to my whiteboard list to keep an eye on it's progress.

The guards are so damn creep though.

All the best

wobblyfootgamer @ YouTube

I'm glad you had fun! The crawling crazed guards are one of my favourite characters in the game so i'm glad you found them creepy!

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Hello Digital Poppy! I really enjoyed that! Love the visual style and level design, i liked the way the story unravelled as you went along and the atmosphere grew the further you got into the game, not sure if i completed it or whether i need to go play it again to get a different ending. Thanks for making it available for us to play! I did a playthru of it, I hope you don't mind

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I'm glad you enjoyed the game! It was great seeing a project I didn't bother releasing for over a year because I wasn't sure it was good enough give someone some spooks! I'd love to go rework it sometime and fix up some of the issues (and make it even spookier!). There's only one ending do don't worry about replaying for a different ending, though there's a few extra things you can do, including find some extra rooms and 'fight' a big tortoise boss in the woods!

Whaaat? A big turtle boss! Goddam it how did i miss that? I figured I missed a few rooms, think there was a lift that i could have taken too. Its a great game, it is definately good enough to release so I'm glad you did and hope to see more from you! Thanks again!