A super short bitsy about a lonely lesbian yearning for her ladyfriend during a rabies quarantine.

Because of [current world events] I have really come to appreciate how meaningful being able to instantly keep in touch with my friends and loved ones is, even if we cant see eachother physically. Technological innovation is not always a good thing, but I'm glad in this case it has kept me speaking to my friends without days of waiting : )

After becoming increasingly physically and mentally burnt out over the last few months I challenged myself to make a game in less than a day, just to prove to myself I *wasn't* completely creatively drained. I think I did ok?

Thanks to Sean S. LeBlanc for the long dialog bitsy hack

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
AuthorDigital Poppy
Made withbitsy
TagsBitsy, LGBT, Period Piece, Queer, Romance, Short


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​Cute, fun, and very in-the-moment! I loved the sense of what a lockdown might have been like a century earlier…. I’m glad the lovely ladies are hanging in there!


Really enjoyed this game!! Thank you - sending over a small payment. :)

Lovingly cute game! Thank you for making this!

100% enjoyed this game. The ending is so very cute!

Really enjoyed this little game. Big fan of the writing!


Wonderfully cute little game that perfectly encapsulates how we're all going just a tiny bit mad nowadays. Super great stuff!

Oh wow, this is so charming, and captures the going-mad-in-lockdown mood a little bit too well.

That was enjoyable. I like how witty your writing style is!!

Really good stuff 10/10 would send a letter to my ladyfriend again


send ur ladyfriend a message saying u love her RIGHT NOW