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'Oh to be a ball of dough gripped tightly in the hands of the worst woman in the world, I thought. Perhaps I already was one; I could almost feel myself laying on that worktop, Iosefka's now oily hands pressing into my back with infinite strength, massaging me until I was perfectly smooth, perfectly elastic, perfectly malleable.'

'The Iosefka Process & Other Stories' is a collection of short stories set in the world of 'The Testimony of Trixie Glimmer Smith'. 

The Iosefka Process

Iosefka Kamiński’s bakery is the talk of Lunden, and among all her creations, bread proved using the secretive ‘Iosefka Process’ is the most exalted of all...

For Me the Night is Already Here

Lost on the bleak Saint-Arnoin moor, a traveller encounters a strange woman, dressed as though from another time...

The Pearl

Lucinda Tennenburg returns to Lunden after her mysterious two year disappearance, bringing with her an astounding lack of manners, and a small stone pearl...

The Face in Darkness

A young writer moves into the house rumoured to be haunted by her late aunty. She misses her girlfriend, ever so much...

Features artwork by R.ToPashoo and Toxoglossa (NSFW)

Content Warnings

Mild horror, toxic relationships, suffocation & horniness

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
AuthorDigital Poppy
Tagsanthro, Erotic, Furry, Horror, LGBT, Narrative, Period Piece, Romance, Story Rich, Transgender
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These are good stories.

But, might I add, Iosefka is a very punchable person. I will punt that fucker down their own little basement and beat them bloody with whatever stale bread I can find. Or objects. All of the other guys are cool, including that rabbit.


Actually Iosefka is my gf. The ideal woman. Gods favourite angel.


Sorry, Digital Popper. However her way of making bread appears to be very scarring. This is why I do not like her.

Oh, these were a great read! I didn't know "psychological thriller about bread" was a thing I needed. Can't wait to dive into the games set in this universe now. 


Well done! These stories are great.
Also, you actually surprised me with the way the Iosefka Process developed, or, should I say, proved. :P 


Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed my writing! It really helped my self confidence *rise* (bread joke)


I loved this book! The individual stories each carried their own tone so well and showed the different ways you can play horror, and the sheer consistent, casual queerness of it is so good.

The more I read from your world the more I want to see how you continue to explore it, I look forward to whatever you make next!

Thank you so much! I'm excited to see what weird queer stuff I can write too!

On my watch.
Probably has something that was referenced in the recent games!


This was a really fun read! Even though I have trouble reading due to ADHD, this was more than captivating enough to get me to read the entire thing. Thank you!!

One silly question, what's up with smoking oestrogen in "The Pearl?" Is it just like "hrt but it makes you really high?" Is it like a special Estrogen Weed?? Would I get high if I smoke my hormones??? The people (me exclusively) demand answers, ma'am.


I think it's just a silly rich people thing. 'lets waste estrogen by vaping it till we are high!'


these were all such a fantastic read! the pearl in particular really hit me like a ton of heavy, emotional bricks... or i guess pearls in this case? but regardless, i look forwards to seeing more projects from you in the future!!! 

Thank you so much!!!