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After finding the cursed play 'The King in Yellow', Trixie Glimmer Smith, a slacking student at Bluebell University recounts the terrible events that set her a week behind in her coursework.

This story follows on from the events of Parsnip (free download here) with a host of new characters and an expanded world, although you can still enjoy it without playing Parsnip.

Trixie is around 3-5 hours long, if you want to play all the content.

Check out the free demo below!



  • Throughout the game events may start to take their toll on Trixie's mind. As Trixie gains insight her narration becomes ever more unreliable.
  • Unlike many sanity systems Trixie's insight system is hidden, meaning you never know for sure when you are being affected by it.
  • This system also means additional playthroughs of the game may vary!

    Can you really trust anything Trixie sees? Can you afford not to?

Multiple Paths:

  • Trixie can choose to spend her week with the Friendly, albeit slightly scary shopkeeper Heidi, the excitable baker Gregg or the chill milkwoman Bell.
  • At points the three routes may intertwine, giving different perspectives on the same story.
  • The game also has two main potential endings, with additional minor alternate endings.

A Strange World:

  • Set in a world of anthropomorphic animals, psychic birds and cosmic gods, Trixie explores the rural England inspired Bluefields County and discovers some of the horrors that secretly lurk in it's scenic countryside.

Art Book:

  • If you spend $6.99 on Trixie you get an Art book with the game! Exciting stuff! It contains all sorts of concept art,  bios and fun trivia about the game, the characters and the world.

Content Warnings:

Trixie Glimmer Smith contains a few mild descriptions of violence, horror, implied sexual content, some exploration of negative trans feelings and some bad language.


Buy Now$5.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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TToTGS-1.0-mac 209 MB
ArtBook 8 MB
if you pay $6.99 USD or more

Download demo

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Figure this will be the strangest comment, but feels it needs to be said. 

Despite Trixie being a wimp, or coward, or such things, they are a breath of fresh air.  After playing lovecraft-like games with yet another grizzled detective(drinking problem optional), Trixie is a nice surprise.  For one, despite their faults, Trixie can be likeable and memorable.

You got humor, not just the constant bleakness of cosmic spheres all the time.  There's weight when things go bad and you worry what will happen next.  Everyone feels like a character, and have nice dreams beyond that lurking horror hinted to exist.  It's all rather pleasant, yet still holds the "things which exist in the dark corners of the earth" feel as well.

Sometimes, all you need to bring down a 18th century necromancer is a very committed family physician.  And that guy didn't even need a gun to defeat old Curwin.  If only other game titles understood simplicity with horror.  Not always bleak, not always chasing shadows, and no monster waves to fight off.

Might feel like a La Rose rant on glitter, but this is an eldritch setting I look forward to revisiting time and again.

Trixie may be a wimpy coward but she is my wimpy coward, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!


It occurs to me that the ratings and reviews aren't publicly visible on itch for whatever reason, so I'll be reposting my review in the hope of convincing more people to try this, since from what I gather Digital Poppy has a far smaller following than they deserve.

"A very interesting visual novel with branching pathways that add a surprising level of replayability. At times it proved genuinely scary, though I admit I'm something of an easy scare. Polish can be a bit lacking at times, but for an indie game clearly made on a rather small budget, that's certainly forgivable. Full disclosure, I did get this in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, so the effectively zero price for me may have biased my view somewhat. Regardless, I sincerely recommend anyone who finds the idea interesting to give the game a shot."

As of late I've also had more thoughts on the game (and its sequel!) which I'd like to write out here for... whatever reason. To get them out, I suppose. You see, I found myself strangely transfixed on this game even though by all measurements I could think of it wasn't a stand-out game. It was good, don't get me wrong, but didn't seem to be the kind of thing that I would just keep thinking about.

I think that the game stood out to me so much is simply that it has real heart - that is, you can see the love and effort put into it. Too many games these days feel so manufactured, with the only emotion being that strange corporate shadow of emotion. I am by no means a wordsmith and when it comes to feelings I am even less so, but there is a real honesty in this game's creation that I have difficulty putting into words. For that alone, I highly recommend it and also advise those who enjoyed this to look into the developer's other works, and perhaps even follow the developer. They certainly deserve the attention.

Oh yeah, and as so many others have noted, a cast of characters that would make old racists wet their graves is a superb addition, it's always great to see proper LGBT+ representation in media.


This is such a kind comment, thank you so much :') For reference our budget was about £100, free time from unemployment and a lot of hoping we would make a profit!

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Wow! That's really impressive. Glad you appreciate the comment, I'm not big on reviews but this game really stuck with me and I felt that I should show my appreciation :). I really am excited for whatever you release next.

Okay, so I played Parsnip before this and completely missed the "The King In Yellow" stuff on my first playthrough. It was a fun little thing i thought, because i  really had no idea what the cursed play was.

This game, however, got me incredibly interested in the cursed play. I've played this game like 5.... 7? times trying to squeeze every last bit of content out of it (still not done, I have a to-do list) 

In an attempt to not spiral into the rabbit hole (haha) that is THAT, my brain started making connections between Trixie and I. I love her. She's me but a girl and also a rat but that doesn't matter too much. This is the first time i've played as a trans character in a video game without having made the character myself! It's safe to say I love it. I will also be playing Three lesbians in a barrow after Rat and Bat because like 6 separate of my friends recommended it to me.

I love how when you take one path, the events from another path  still (kinda) happen, and the fact that the entire universe is so deeply saturated in lore... the deer god.... the mask. the SHEEP.  all the tiny little details. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

Anyway out of all of that I literally only have one question. What is Cyber Drak-Cool-Yas From Mars an in-universe analog for? Nobody writes a character like this unless they have direct experience with a show like Trixie likes. I'm about to play Rat and Bat specifically for Mars bat research.

drak kool yas  is supposed to just be a goofy bad cartoon. I based the name on biker mice from Mars :)


aaaaah this game is so UNIQUE! not being able to see trixie's insight score keeps the whole thing mysterious. i love that the subtle differences across playthroughs means that the story is pieced together over multiple tries.  i've played through two routes so far (bell and gregg) and gotten two dramatically different endings, but i'm definitely going to try again with heidi's arc too! the skip button means that subsequent playthoughs are easy/quick too, esp since it automatically stops when you reach new content.  also, like others have already pointed out, seeing a cast of LGBT chars is so fucking great (even if we're watching them all slowly unravel from c o s m i c  h o r r o r).

Gameplay : ★★★★☆
Story : ★★★★☆
Dialogue  : ★★★★☆
Characters : ★★★★★
Art : ★★★★★
Music :  ★★★★★

I'm so glad that Manlybadasshero introduced me to Parsnip, a lovely game you guys made before <3

The art book will give you goody insight about the characters!

The soundtrack (BGM)  is very well made! Reminds me of Advance Wars character themes! Carcosa (BGM) is very spooky! Helps the writing send additional goosebumps!

- My top 3 -

"The Laziest Afternoon"

Violin... Guitar... PERFECTION

Just check this out... Very fitting <3 

"That Crystal Goth"
I consider this as a part of Trixie Trixs (game)... Very lovely flute!

I've done all of the routes (Heidi, Gregg & Bell)

Heidi route, I think Heidi is the most open and caring to Trixie, even though she's willing to use Trixie for her "Poundtown" deals...

What I think is canon?
Bell route (Just played the follow up/supplemental game today, I'll tell you my thoughts about it in the follow up game's page * W *) Yeah, the follow up game confirmed my thoughts about the Bell route, since I think it develops Trixie more than other routes. Made Trixie open up to us and to someone she's friends with...

Gregg Route?

Nikita funnily enough reminds me of myself, minus the straightforwardness.

I feel sorry for Trixie.

Neufrund New Friend, he's creeping me out, but he's kinda cute though~

Heidi... Hahahahahaha... I feel sorry for her.

Bell still rocks.

Parsnip is very cute, although he's not really himself. (Or is he???)
On my first playthrough I did my best to stay "friendly true" to him.
I enjoyed all of the parts that has him in it <3
I still can't dismiss that pixelated artwork of his though * W * I think LeRose redraw it on this game.

LeRose seems autobiographical at some instances (that costume change). If its true... then the "rant" on Parsnip will make the vibes of spite I've got even more real.  In a third world country, you'll most likely get to rant something about the accessibility of art tools. That you can get restricted in expressing yourself for financial reasons. You can be crafty, unless you're not taught or influenced enough to push forward and be resourceful. I'm speaking of my elementary school days. Speaking of this hobby of mine, I'm financially incapable of getting myself a pentab. I've been making art with just this mouse of mine since 2017. I learned to be resourceful and used this guide to help myself. I feel hopeless, then hopeful, then hopeless, then hopeful, then hopeless, then hopeful, but I'll continue going against the current nonetheless. Capitalism is important to make art "valuable" but in return... you must invest financially on the tools, to build something that can help you make a living out of art.

Final words,

As a trainee priestess, I have no will to criticize.
I'm just here enjoying what you guys are making.
Others can do it themselves for the sake of helping in improving the creative work.

I'm from South East Asia, the price set is affordable and reasonable. Thank you guys for making this game accessible for people like me.

The biggest strengths you guys have I think... MUSIC, CHARACTERS, and ART 

Keep up the good work <3


I've only done one playthrough so far, but the game is amazing.  Normally i'm not big on visual novel games. Usually they have this weird gimmick where its like ""ok, do everything and then you get the "true" ending"" usually just making the game a skipfest that bogs down quick. This game is different. Its entertaining in all the right ways, with interesting characters that you want to learn more about. Plus the game is subtly different each time you play it, actually encouraging repeat playthroughs from the BEGINNING. Its awesome. I will admit that I was extremely fond of the first games style, but the visual novel style fit this games much bigger and expansive scope that I could just not see it working in the first games style. Also playing this game immediately after a play of the first game was quite the treat :)

Overall amazing experience. I cant wait to do more playthroughs of this game from the beginning and see all sorts of new stuff, but I gotta let this first time through the game sit with me a bit. Thank you for such an amazing game.

i can't believe i paid for a visual novel

worth the money though


i can't believe i almost passed on playing this game, and i'm so glad i gave it a shot. the first night i played it, i was up wayyyy later than i needed to be into the next morning because i just couldn't put it down! i'm crazy in love with this game, the setting, the characters, and everything else about it. i've told like everyone i know about it, because it seriously deserves all the love it can get. this is probably the first game i've ever played with a trans protag, and it's wonderful to feel seen in a game for once.

i feel like i could write paragraphs of praise for how much i adore this game, but i'll leave it at that. thanks for making such a beautiful, fun story. it's definitely become something special to me, and i can't wait to see what other amazing things you create in the future!


Thank you so much for your kind comment <3 I wish trans people were visible in more media as more than the butt of jokes!


so do i! i really hope we can get there one day. stories like this make me believe we will, and they kinda make living the experience feel less miserable in the meantime. maybe it's a little silly to be so comforted by a game, but it's done a lot of good. thanks again for all you do! <3

very excited to play - was just wondering if there's any jumpscares? bc my life atm is a horror cliche - i live alone in a large, old house with flickering lights and strange noises and if there's jumpscares i'd love to know so i can play it in the daylight and not shit a brick at 2am thanks xxx 


There aren't any intentional jump scares no : ) I can't think of any unintentional ones either, so you should be safe!

I think Trixie may be my spirit animal.

(1 edit) (+1)

I just finished the first playthrough. It's nearly 3 AM, I was supposed to be in bed hours ago. I am, to put it lightly, fucking obsessed with the lore in this story and the writing you've put into it. The music fucks as well. The added instruments was ingenious. I think I like Parsnip's version the best. The only negative thing I can possibly say about it is that I wish the backgrounds were a little more diverse and the writing a little more spellchecked and proofread. But this game deserves to cost $40 on the top shelf of a game store, I would actually kill for it.


Oh no! I've been found out! I wrote this game when I was still really bad at spelling and didn't know how apostrophes work (I'm extremely dyslexic lmao)! Not that I'm much better now! I'm super glad you enjoyed the game though, thank you so much for your kind words! : )


god you're so fucking valid I could die

(1 edit) (+1)

Just finished my first playthrough and had a wonderful time. Your writing is really sharp and the comedic moments all hit the mark for me, I found myself actually laughing a bit out loud while playing! I also really love all the characters, you manage to write them so well in such a short number of lines!

Thanks for writing such an amazing game, it's inspired me to start writing more! (Also thank you for writing good cosmic horror that would make racists turn in their graves)


Just finished as well! I'm curious which route you went for first? No spoilers please! I went with Heidi, was REALLY tempted by Bell but in the end I had to pick her. I think I'll be playing through Parsnip before Gregg's route, just seems like the right tone to set.

(2 edits)

I went with Heidi, she seemed really interesting to me! I played Parsnip before playing through this game (actually only found out about this one through it!) and while I don't think it's necessary to enjoy this story, it definitely provides better context, and I got a lot out of having played it. 

Honestly, the other characters having routes kinda slipped my mind with how engaged I was with my playthrough :P Definitely gonna spend some more time playing later though, I wonder how different I can get this next playthrough to be?


Making Lovecrafts corpse cry is my only goal in life! Thank you for your nice comment!


I hope Digital Poppy sees this! My sister and I have been playing this game (for me this is my... fifth playthrough, maybe?) and I'm very curious about the insight system. SPOILERS AHEAD!

My instinct tells me that delving deeper into the occult raises insight and makes trixie more unreliable. But what about interactions with the other characters? I had a theory that having Trixie advocate her own needs-- standing up for herself, refusing to agree to stuff she doesn't feel right about, etc., would lower insight and make her more stable and grounded. But idk-- maybe it's the opposite, and having Trixie challenge people and cause conflict makes her less reliable. Or possibly it doesn't effect the insight system at all and her social interactions (like choosing to hug Gregg or not) are purely for fun and flavor?

Also, does the insight system effect just the main story, or does it effect the three character paths as well? 

Last question-- does reading certain books effect insight? 

I really like the story and the art! I'm a huge horror buff-- tough to scare, basically-- but Gregg's storyline has spooked me the hell out every time I read it. Heidi is my favorite-- as a lesbian who can't do math, I relate.


insight is affected by a lot of trixies actions yes! You had it spot on. Other characters and books also change it!

(2 edits) (+1)

I'm not Digital Poppy, but for what it's worth, I went and replayed after reading this comment! (SPOILERS AHEAD) My gut instinct has always been to help Trixie stand up for herself and her needs, but I also kept getting the ending where she wrote on the walls, no matter which one it was w/r/t the cabin. This time around I took some of the shyer/more anxious choices, and Trixie seemed to take things differently insight wise (scissors instead of knife, 'dark figure' was a bathrobe, unafraid of parsnip, etc). Other than my social actions, it was the same playthrough as before. However, she wrote her report on paper rather than on the walls, so hey, advocating for her needs def impacts her insight somehow!

EDIT: Of course, NOW I can't decide which ending corresponds to high insight and which is low. Maybe she writes on her walls because she saw The Truth and it broke something (very Lovecraft)! Maybe she writes on the walls because she's having a stress related meltdown and none of the spooky shit is real! Who knows!

I picked these games up in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality and I'd never heard of them before but I love them now.

These stories give me life please keep making them!

Uh, wow. This game is really great. I had a lot of fun and many times I laughed quite a bit.


It feels good when you can reflect (a hell fucking lot) to a character in a videogame in these kind of horror games :3


I'm glad : ) I wanted Trixie to be someone for people who don't often get to see themselves in stories!


Well, is not a spoiler since his image is in the text up there. But when Parsnip frst shows up my mind went "Oh F*CK not him again!!" XD

(1 edit)

I enjoyed it (and the other ones) quite a bit.  Spent a good two or three days combing over it all.  Really liked the characters (although I will refuse to talk to Gregg after [redacted]).

I don't usually do visual novels, so I wasn't expecting to like it so much; happy surprise I guess.

I love this game. I have been playing a ton of visual novels recently (due to the quarantine) and this one has become one of my favorites.

I have been an avid reader of the works of Chambers, and Lovecraft for over a year. The main thing that puts this game on my favorites is just how accurate it is to Chambers' work! Every single description of Carcosa fits exactly with Cassilda's song from the Repairer of Reputations. The way the Yellow sign is introduced and the way Trixie even figures it out is reminiscent of Mr. Scott in The Yellow Sign. I can go on and on about how this game does Chambers' work justice. But I will focus on other things for now.

One of my favorite aspects is the art style of the game. Although it is simple,  I feel, fits the world of the game perfectly. I love the designs of the characters and I feel they reflect their personalities pretty well. 

The music is interesting.  The only real theme I wasn't a fan of was Parsnip's. However, themes such as Heidi's and Bell's for some reason got stuck in my head. The audio is superb with it's timing, especially in dark moments as well. 


just based off playing Parsnip before did anyone else not expect this to be THIS fucking good??!

or was that just me


Also! This game is great. Me and my friend have been obsessively picking it clean for secrets and talking about it like "omg is Parsnip really a servant of the yellow king? game theoryyyyy".  Also the soundtrack is brilliant. I love how all the characters have their own themes that sorta intertwine with the main one.

Also, first lovecraft mythos game that didn't make me immediately fall asleep. :p


Is it possible to get the throne?!  Asking for a friend. >.>




I don't read/play visual novels, but I saw promise in this one.

Despite the occasional erroneous word, it was a very good story, and I'm tempted to play through the other paths, even though I just spent a good 4-5 hours in one session. x.x

Well worth the play-through!


~~Endgame spoilers below~~

What determines which ending you get, specifically regarding burning vs. not burning down the cottage?

~~End spoilers~~


(Spoilers continued)

If memory serves, you need two of three 'special items' to get the good ending. Those are the yellow sign, the mask of the pale servant and the psyker crystal. The yellow sign and the mask of the pale servant will also only unlock (I think) if you have a somewhat high insight score. So make sure Trixie spends a lot of time with Parsnip! (the best way to gain insight in the game)


(Spoilers continued)

Theres also a variation on each ending that depends on how high your insight score is


im currently playing through this, its really cool! kinda wanna read the book its inspired (?) by now tbh.

question, how many playthroughs would you recommend to see everything? i want to because im just a completionist. plus the story really interests me!

there are three main paths, depending on if you hang out with bell, Heidi or gregg. The ending can also change too, but that depends a lot on what you do in the story :) I'd say the three routes should get most of the games content out of the way!

Well, from a glance 'The King in Yellow' by comes to mind :_D
Which i honestly can reccomend, good book.


Holy shit, that was a trip. Thank you for the game, and also for the trans representation. There's not many protagonists I can sympathize with when it comes to HRT, and it actually wound up reminding me to go take my own medication.


I'm glad Trixie could help you remember to take your meds!

(1 edit) (+6)(-3)

I love this game, and Trixie's (and company's) anti-cop sentiments are hilarious and timely. I really love the music in this! It's going to be stuck in my head for a while for sure. Overall really great game, the writing was fun and the story was interesting. I liked how playing all the routes contributed to the overall understanding. Thanks for a great game, can't wait to check out lesbians in a wheelbarrow!


I'm glad you enjoyed it! DEastes put the soundtrack on his soundcloud if you want to give it a listen anywhen outside of the game! https://soundcloud.com/d-eastes/sets/testimony-ost


I'm NB and.. think it's the first time I ever got to play as a trans gal in a videogame. Thanks a lot for all the characters and the queerness, thanks a lot for adressing transition issues, it's ... heartwarming, to say the least.
I'm a game developer as well and I just wish someday my games might have an impact at least half as strong as the one your games had on me.
Keep up the good work o/


thank you so much! I belive in you!


Ahhh such a cute game with a hidden dark side, and a perfect addition to the Racial Justice & Equality bundle (dumb cops haha).  I could deeply relate to the main character and all the other characters are so charismatic I just had to play through three times to see all the endings-- well I'm probably missing a couple endings, but i am satisfied.  Keep up the good work and uhhhhhhhh, thank you!! Will buy the art book :3


I'm really glad you enjoyed it!!


You have very interesting way of telling stories. It's funny and dark and you sometimes you never really know what happens. All side characters are very lovable, too. I would love to hang out with Bell or help Heidi or Greg in their stores. Bell and Heidi remind me a bit of Applejack and Rainbow Dash. Trixie is really adorable in this game, sometimes I just wanted to hug her because of all the trouble she has with Nikita. You are a person who is able to create characters you care for and who stay in ones head. I hope Bell, Heidi and Greg will be part of another game in the future. Thank you very much for this experience.


Thank you so much for your kind words : ) Bell is very applejack!


I really just delayed sleeping for 4 hours just to see the story to the end. This was great. I really, really enjoyed playing through this!


I'm really glad you had fun!

(1 edit) (+3)

The King in Yellow..... is that a reference to one of hp Lovecraft's entity's called Hastur? or the book of the same name by Robert W. Chambers? or the play? or just a coincidence?

edit: it was the play i got it

anyway good game


A reference to the book : ) its my favourite weird fiction book, far more than any of Lovecrafts work.



i just finished watching a playthrough of parsnip and i just had to buy the sequel to try, it warms my heart so much to see a trans protagonist and so many other queer supporting characters with an amazing story to boot!! thanks for making such amazing queer content, keep it up<3



Is there a place or a way I can add to my purchase to get the artbook? I bought this through the bundle sale. Thank you!

Not that I am aware of, sorry : ( Feel free to DM me on twitter if you are able to and I can send you a copy for free : )

(1 edit) (+1)

I don't have a Twitter, but what if I e-mail you?

Edit: Eh, nevermind. Just call it a donation!

(3 edits) (+2)(-3)

this was pretty excellent, a great followup to parsnip! trixie is delightful, i can definitely see a lot of myself in her =] still some typos and whatnot in a few places but that's to be expected with such a large amount of text.

the music is fantastic! i really like the way each character has their own variation [parsnip's character remains a blessing on my life, aha]

while i do think i preferred the previous game's artstyle, having to scale down to something easier to make is completely understandable and honestly it's still really good.

one thing i will say though is that bell's route seemed to be a lot more fleshed out compared to heidi's or gregg's [the latter of which had some stuff that quite broke the immersion for me, though i'll not spoil it here] - though perhaps this was just due to me playing bell's route first and using the skip function on the others.

i really appreciate the reveal of how bell and LeRose are queer =] absolutely looking forward to playing the next installment!

Thank you for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed Trixe! 
Strangely I feel Bells route is the weakest : ) But that might just be because it was the last one I wrote!
Bell and LeRose were actually hinted at in one or two lines of dialogue in Parsnip, but I think they were fairly hard to find : )

Very interesting story. The characters are all fantastic and have some great and clever dialogue.