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After finding the cursed play 'The King in Yellow', Trixie Glimmer Smith, a slacking student at Bluebell University recounts the terrible events that set her a week behind in her coursework.

This story follows on from the events of Parsnip (free download here) with a host of new characters and an expanded world, although you can still enjoy it without playing Parsnip.

Trixie is around 3-5 hours long, if you want to play all the content.

Check out the free demo below!



  • Throughout the game events may start to take their toll on Trixie's mind. As Trixie gains insight her narration becomes ever more unreliable.
  • Unlike many sanity systems Trixie's insight system is hidden, meaning you never know for sure when you are being affected by it.
  • This system also means additional playthroughs of the game may vary!

    Can you really trust anything Trixie sees? Can you afford not to?

Multiple Paths:

  • Trixie can choose to spend her week with the Friendly, albeit slightly scary shopkeeper Heidi, the excitable baker Gregg or the chill milkwoman Bell.
  • At points the three routes may intertwine, giving different perspectives on the same story.
  • The game also has two main potential endings, with additional minor alternate endings.

A Strange World:

  • Set in a world of anthropomorphic animals, psychic birds and cosmic gods, Trixie explores the rural England inspired Bluefields County and discovers some of the horrors that secretly lurk in it's scenic countryside.

Art Book:

  • If you spend $6.99 on Trixie you get an Art book with the game! Exciting stuff! It contains all sorts of concept art,  bios and fun trivia about the game, the characters and the world.

Content Warnings:

Trixie Glimmer Smith contains a few mild descriptions of violence, horror, implied sexual content, some exploration of negative trans feelings and some bad language.


Buy Now$5.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

TToTGS-1.0-windows/linux 226 MB
TToTGS-1.0-mac 209 MB
ArtBook 8 MB
if you pay $6.99 USD or more

Download demo

TToTGS-DEMO-1.0-mac 163 MB
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i just want to say i absolutely love this game and all of the bluehills county games, they make me feel things that nothing else has made me feel

Might sound silly at this late stage, but ever considered having the soundtrack in the game files?  Maybe as a bonus?

You can find the soundtrack here! https://soundcloud.com/d-eastes/sets/testimony-ost

about to buy this game today for my early birfday lets go

I really love this game and universe! I hope you're alright and safe. Keep up with good work <3

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Great VN! As a (major) re-imagination of 'The King in Yellow', I found it both cuter and creepier than the original - and a lot more entertaining. Enjoyed the different branches and learning all of the story. Loved the characters. I'm really curious though...any way to find out how many different endings there are? I'm wondering if I've found them all or not.


This is a FANTASTIC game!!! I like visual novels, but usually only play through once. With this one, I went back to do the other two side characters' paths as well, because I just HAD to know more about what was going on. Exactly the right amount of creepy, and the exploration of the trans feels hit home too.

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but how did yuo find all download demo?

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i played this like a bajillion years late and was so hooked i did a second playthrough, and now there's fire everywhere and I think I made some assumptions about what was real I shouldn't have.

please i just want trixie to be ok i relate to them too much to let them have a hallucination/anxiety spiral (disturbingly much please stop spying on me and/or predicting my future and translating it into your VN's i did not consent to you soothsaying me)


if you make it so the entire series was a fever dream or something and trixie's in a coma or some shit i will actually cry. dont do this to me noooo

10/10 game play it. I grant you the highest award available for a game- Making me invested to the point of actual full-on panic attacks on the behalf of fictional people (it isn't just projected anxiety over my own future SHUT UP).

what can u play with the demo version?


Will there be plans for a Steam release?

Finally got around to playing through my first path (went with Heidi). Love this story and all the elements tied to it. Relating way too well to Trixie. πŸ­πŸ’¦


this is a lovely game. so much depth and attention to detail. its not just a impressive game, it's also a rlly engaging story and entire world. the wordbuilding was rlly successful and ive enjoyed playing all the routes. gotta echo what everyone else has said, the way queerness is written into this story is so powerful and nuanced.

ok now stop reading this review!! play the game !!! 


i can't express how important this series is to me. i loved every ending of this game


This game was super neat, I love the character interactions!


Absolutely loved the game and recommend it. The writing felt very unique for a visual novel (compared to ones I've played previously). I'm very susceptible to horror and this game definitely made chills run through my spine.

malware Bytes picking up v1.1 PC has malware in it.  I downloaded it from here.  MAlware type - sandbox - https://blog.malwarebytes.com/detections/malware-sandbox/


A quick google makes it sound like this is a false positive that renpy games sometimes generate. I haven't had the same issue flag up on my end though : )


great game to be honest

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A really wonderful game! A nice mid-length visual novel with a whole queer/lgbt cast and some great spooky moments. It's not overly scary but the atmosphere is really good, you get sucked into the drama of desperately seeking information before it's Too Late in a wonderful way. The cast are well rounded and fun to hang out with, I came back to see all three paths. 

And it's great to see casual trans/n-b rep in games. The conversations about trans topics really hit home for me and my friends. (I was streaming it.) I'll have to make time to check out more of your games in the future. (I already played Parsnip :) )


I really enjoyed this one! spooky horror story about a character's obsession with a fictional play and how it drove her to dangerous lengths, with a good balance of horror and levity. Also everyone is queer!! Could really go without the wacky sound effects though.

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How did the ideas for TToTGS come together? I've only just gotten into creative writing now, in my late twenties, and sometimes I read stories that have such a broad scope I can't imagine being inspired to write past a few pages. This is undoubtedly one of those, not just as a story, but as an interactive work as well.

Really loved it! Can't wait to play through again tomorrow!

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(My review contains Spoilers of the game.)

It's hard to express in words just how much a silly game from 2018 means to me, especially when it's from a genre I hardly ever enjoy due to how bland a lot of it tends to be. However, I find myself loving this game and its characters to bits even after the long while since I originally played it.

I managed to convince some friends of mine to play it with me - a total of around 5 right now, with one playing on their own - and none of them have anything bad to say about it at all, despite many of them also not being a big fan of visual novels. Call it confirmation bias if you want to, but that does say a lot at least to me.

Enough blabbering, though, I'll give a proper review of everything!


Trixie - Trixie is undoubtedly the most painfully relatable character that I've ever had the pleasure of learning about. The way that she interacts with people ranging from absolutely awkward, to a weird kind of sexual, and everything in-between; the absolute lack of interest in doing most things besides using her computer, going so far as to ignore things like laundry or cleaning things that are clearly dirty; the painful struggles of not really knowing who you are and not wanting to drag others into the absolute hell that is your psyche in fear that you're only going to hurt them; all of it hits very close to home.

Through the entire game (not a stretch) I felt almost like I was playing a character I would've made, but I have never known anyone from Digital Poppy in my entire life and had no part in this. It was really bizarre to feel that, but at the same time that added quite a lot of charm, because the character being that relatable despite seeming so below average is a feat that's incredible to achieve in a market that tends to be full of clichΓ©s that don't really make sense. There's a reason Doki Doki Literature Club exists.

What hit me the hardest, though, was the rant that she went on with Bell on the second day. Before then, I either found that the game was mostly full of sexual humor or disturbing imagery that I'd created in my head thanks to the writing being superb despite typos, but this was the moment that I viewed the game far more dearly than I had before. There was clearly a phenomenal amount of thought put into this one segment that just makes it so absolutely real that it felt like I wasn't playing a game, but listening to a real person just getting something off their chest. The most painful part was that it almost entirely reflected how I felt about everything, too, minus mentions of university and the like. It even played a big part in helping me come to the ultimatum to go through with becoming trans myself. The only critique to this section I could possibly give is that this is one instance where music should cease; there's no need for a tone to be given in a segment like this. The words alone portray a picture far better than music ever could.

Trixie is my most beloved character on a personal level. Absolutely a 25/10.

Nikita - Nikita ended up being the character I felt worst for, though that isn't to say that it's at all a bad thing. Although I can't really tell what her past is like due to there not being any mention of it in this game or Three Lesbians in a Barrow, at least to my knowledge, Nikita definitely comes across as someone who didn't choose to be such an aggressive academic. While the repeated pauses could definitely be taken as her holding in anger - which is further implied through the artbook - it also seems like a mannerism to prevent an outburst, sort of like she knows that there's something wrong with doing that but can't really fully stop herself. I won't jump to further conclusions, as I don't know nearly enough about her.

Her entire character seeming to flip for the most part due to The King in Yellow was something that genuinely caught me off guard. Beforehand - and afterwards, if you got the "correct" ending - she is a very collected individual who may be mouthy, but knows not to pry too deep, and always remains very tidy with herself. However, coming across the forsaken play completely alters what she's like, minus some parts that stick such as the aggression, though far more unhinged. She becomes far more antsy and can't even think straight or keep herself composed, no longer has any sort of care for how tidy - or even clean - she is, and no longer has a filter when she's getting aggressive, hence my original thought that her holding in anger is more of a mannerism. Despite everything here, though, she's still an enjoyable character for reasons that are far different from anyone else in the cast, even if it's only because her banter with Trixie pre-TKIY is a bit of a riot.

I absolutely love Nikita, even if she isn't the kind of character I vibe with the most. 10/10.

Heidi - Heidi is the most unexpected character portrayal in the game that I can think of and that is absolutely the best part. There's so many contradictory traits that it's amazing she even functions, but at the same time it makes complete sense when you separate all of the traits and look at them individually. Making herself visually intimidating as a Hyena of all things, and going so far as to paint her spots and jacket with red, having a biker jacket in general, always being loud and assertive and always having some sort of weapon... it seems to me like it's more of a faΓ§ade to hide the fact she's a total nerd and cares about people a lot. Still does illegal stuff though, so it's not fully that way.

The way that she develops her relationship with Trixie in her route is something I can best describe as "Emotional Support Hyena". You're completely able to peer into Heidi's "other side" when you're working with her, to the point that you can take that mask she has and achieve the "correct" ending because of it, but this doesn't dent anything with her in the end; as things become more and more strange with Neufrund being around and all of the other events at the hands of Nikita, Heidi becomes less and less aggressive towards Trixie, and completely breaks character (or "breaks character") whenever Trixie ends up being a bit hurt or sad. Even despite almost killing the both of them, she also does not blame Trixie for anything and goes so far as to protect Trixie over herself in every situation they come across, even though she comes across as someone who's likely selfish.

Heidi is a complex character when you look beyond the surface, and that's the kind of character I enjoy quite a bit. That, and being such a massive dork while also being angsty has its own unique charm. 10/10.

Bell - Bell is by far the most relaxed character in the cast, but there's quite a lot to unbuckle despite this. Her being so unemotional on the surface doesn't mean that she isn't that way at all; hell, if anything she's likely the most emotional out of everyone in a way that isn't as obvious as it is with say, Gregg. This, mixed with the fact that she's so unhappy with the fact that she has to do actual work, her past relationship with LeRose and how much she actually talks about her compared to everyone else despite their relationship being long over, and her unwillingness to really talk about things going on with her own past... it all leads me to believe that she has her own kind of depression, much like LeRose does, which would help explain why the two have bonded so well.

Everything that happens with Bell only made me like her more. She isn't trying to be flamboyant or extravagant, not trying to show off or anything, nothing like that; rather, she goes through an average day with Trixie while trying her best to also make Trixie feel better by going out of her way to go places that she would enjoy, even though she's the one that's lonely and could very easily just drag Trixie wherever as long as it was somewhere. The way that she cracks small jokes and leaves it at that, the fact that once Trixie started to talk a bit more she completely stopped talking and let her go on through all of it without once interrupting minus at the very start, the way she tries to make absolutely sure Trixie is okay before she goes and does something... it's very commendable, and she does all of this despite how desperate she is to get some attention towards herself, when clearly she could try and make it about herself.

I sincerely enjoy Bell as a character, and can't help but feel sympathetic towards the way she feels. My friend feels the same way as her, too, so it hits a lot closer to home. 10/10.

Gregg - Calling Gregg eccentric would be kind of a light way to put it, but they aren't exactly hyper by any means. They're the nicest person among the cast and certainly the most generous, going out of their way to ensure that their friends are all okay even at a literal cost. They're also the most expressive, being the only character in the game that actually cries and let me tell you it kind of hurt to see them cry. Despite this, they can also be a little bastard and it's really amusing; by far the best moment would be the caffeine rush that absolutely convinces them to go and steal from North Acres while driving recklessly.

There isn't as much to say about Gregg as the others, but I can really commend them for trying their absolute hardest to keep their bakery open even when things get so hard while also offering to show Trixie how to bake at the expense of their own ingredients and time, and it's especially nice to see they're not even remotely upset with anyone for anything that happens, even with Trixie messing up her baking so horribly bad. At the same time, there's a whole lot of unintentional humor with the crime side of them and just how horribly uncharacteristic it is to see someone that looks so sweet become so riled up that they feel the need to burglarize a town. Their relationship with everyone is sweet, but not as sweet as those muffins...

While Gregg falls a little more flat to me than the others, there's way too much to enjoy about them for me to dock anything from them. They're also likely perfect for other people.

Parsnip - Parsnip is an awful character for the best reasons, and it is 100% intentional. I can't even begin to describe Parsnip as a character, just know you're going to hate them and that's how it's meant to be.

LeRose - LeRose is an amazing representation of someone who is suffering through multiple things. There's not as much going on with her as you don't spend the most time with her, but it's really cute how much more open she is with Bell despite the fact things ended between them a while ago, and her absolute hatred towards Parsnip to the point of considering arson had me balling.

Neufrund - Neufrund is a devilish little... goat. His mysterious character remains very consistent throughout the entire game, and at the same time, you can see right through certain parts of him while you play the game. His horrible temper and absolute disgust towards The King, combined with him being the only person that has tangible proof of possessing magic, creates a dynamic that can only be described as unsettling at best and horrifying at worst. The worst part of it is just how unwavering he is when he's trying to get the second book from Trixie; he's so obsessed with it that he forgoes an actual broken limb, only fleeing when he catches fire due to the possible threat of being exposed, and takes over Heidi's shop and forces Trixie into a situation just to get what he wants before ultimately almost killing them both anyways. Fantastic continuation from Parsnip.


I'll be completely honest, this is one of the only games I've ever played where I actually felt afraid, even if it wasn't awfully afraid or anything. The tense, unsettling music combined with imagery and writing that described things so extremely well, all of it was putting me on edge effortlessly. This was partially because it's such an absurd change of tone from the rest of the game before it starts at the Cottage, but this doesn't change just how effective it is at being genuinely unsettling. The use of the same track in situations where there is dread is an outstanding repurpose as well, as it goes from music conveying a mysterious tone, to that of one completely void of hope or full of dread.

That said... the comedy in this game is also a goddamn riot if I've ever seen it. There's a lot of humor in the game that's sexual, sure, but it can go so much farther than that in so many different kinds of ways that there's something for everyone to enjoy in some way, even stepping foot into the dark humor side of things with Trixie referring to Squirrel Kid as a "little fucker". There's also repeat gags in the game, with my favorite being a total of three mentions of Trixie being a sub if my memory serves me correctly, all of which are in different connotations entirely. Even things that come off as just normal writing from Trixie end up being stupidly comical, much like when Trixie describes that people say she has a bat fetish, only to later confirm this by mentioning Gregg's small fangs despite having literally no bearing on anything that is going on.

The way you can also find out so much about this world and all of its little intricacies and stories is also phenomenal. There was quite a lot of work put into not only the story behind the events that are currently happening and the vague story given to Carcosa, but many other stories that are around as well, such as the Antlered Tree and my favorite of all, Mr. Sproingy himself. So much storytelling is jammed into one small section more towards the end of the game, but you're able to read through all of it and see just how much this world has to offer in terms of past events and even some backstory to characters you never even see in the game, much like The King.

There's also a lot of humor put into the game that is either referential or a fun kind of dumb, such as Speciesist Dickhead(TM) or the literary paper on The King in Yellow that you can read, respectively. Quite a lot to enjoy here.


I cannot express enough that this game is something that will stick with you for a while if you're someone, like me, who likes to play games like this far more for the experience than how cute the characters are. Not to say that the characters aren't cute, as all of them are very pleasant in their own ways, but this is the kind of experience that lingers in your mind for very good reason. It doesn't matter which route you decide to take, as there's something for everyone here. However, with that said, I cannot recommend at least doing Bell's path at least once enough, just due to how much you're able to see into Trixie as a character.

All of the characters get their own fleshing out in every single path, and even have interconnecting points scattered through and through whether you realize it or not, such as: the customer that ends up coming in on days with Heidi actually being Bell to pick up her magazine; the burglary that happens with Delilah Moonbeam happening with both Heidi and Gregg but with differences in Gregg's tone due to having Trixie with them or not; and of course, being able to figure out a lot of details of other paths by playing through certain ones, much like how you learn a lot about the Antlered Tree by playing in Bell's despite having the most prominence in Gregg's, and how you're able to have the mask in Bell's route despite only learning about its true origin and how it isn't related to The King in Yellow at all if you play on Heidi's.

The most important part is that this game is a flawless representation of real people and real personalities. This isn't representation for the sake of drawing in a crowd, it is very genuine representation that is extremely real despite the fact it's a visual novel full of anthropomorphic characters with questionable sexualities. As I mentioned with Trixie specifically, it is painful how real the representation is here.

With absolute certainty, I can say that you absolutely should play this game.

Also, I came here literally a year later to fix a small grammatical error. Don't mind me.


I dont know if i can put into words how much this review means to me, but thank you so much. I'm so happy my work meant something to you and thank you so much for playing <3

I should be thanking you for crafting such an amazing experience. It just sucks that there isn't a lot more publicity about the game, since it's not on other platforms like Steam, because it definitely deserves to be known by way more people If you don't already have some sort of plan for making a remaster, I'd definitely at least consider doing it if/when there's a good opportunity to do so!


I wanted so badly to say yes to parsnip wanting to play.


I cannot recommend this game series enough!! If you see this you are probably reading the comments to see if...
1. It's gay/trans/etc. (IT IS!)
2. It's worth it (IT IS!!!!)
3. It's the sequel to Parsnip (YES!)

GET THE GAME! It's so awesome playing through and experiencing this game organically. You have three main routes you can go down during the game but each time you go back there's more information! There's new dialogue with the slightest changes in selection. Honestly it's amazing how much attention to deal went into this game from a story, artwork, and musical atmosphere standpoint. 

I'm a YouTuber who has played this whole series and I cannot recommend enough that you play this yourself. However, feel free to check out my playthrough below and if you love it just as much as I do please come back here and support this awesome team!


I was watching your playthtough of the series in the background while I worked last week so I could get back into trixie nikita and tabbys heads before I wrote something! I'm so glad you enjoyed the game, it means so much to me : )


Incredibly charming characters that stuck in my mind far past the game. I find my self wanting more.


the name trixie glimmer remins me of my little pony characters

hey I was wondering.  Do you have a YouTube  account  and do you have any voice claims for your characters? I've always wondered wht they sound like to you. 


I do not have either sorry : ) I assume most of my characters sound very british, which is unfortunate.

ooo British  thats lovely.  I just imagined  leroses accent French/Britan XD 


Its awesome to see that youve turned your own passion and story telling into something that can be experienced rather than just read. Its totally the best that you have friends who help flesh out the story as well! It warms my heart youve inspired so many others here, for numerous reasons. Please keep up and dont let life or others  take you off the path of happiness.  I love to draw and write, but I've  been trapped in a cage of my own making, however you're creativeness has given me energy to get free and revisit old projects. I just need ro throw a rock at that tree, knock down a branch, and use the branch to get that key. Thank you! Do you have a patreon? 

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Aah, I really loved the game. Some spoilers down below.

The sanity system was really cool, I like to play games blind so I didn't read a lot of the intro her, and when stuff started to get inconsistent in my second run it was a nice surprise, there are so many details that make all so mysterious and creepy.

The lore and wordbuilding was great! Like, in the library even the books that didn't advance the plot were really interesting and give lots of context to thing that happened at other points of the game, specially the nightmares, and give the game a really cool consistent history. Loved the all the weird myths and the fact that you really don't know how many of them area real until they bite you in the face. Like, Mr Sproingy, that's fucked up. 

Oh and the characters! I really liked them, Trixie was surely my favorite thing about the game and I would kill a dude for her tbh, no hesitation. Gregg was great too, I found really cool what's under that hyper cute exterior, their storyline was my favorite, so fucked up, like, poor Trixie not only have to deal with one ancient horror, but TWO completely unrelated ancient horrors.

Anyways, I really liked the game and I'll be playing the next one soon. Is funny how I was going to start this comment with "I don't have much to say but..." and ended up writing like 200 words.


Thank you for such a kind comment! I'm so happy you enjoyed the game!

would you mind if I used LeRoses theme track for the background  music for my speed paint?  I would put a link to all your games in order  so that ppl play it in order and a link to the soundtrack itself. 

I'm sure she wouldn't mind but the music author might be against it.  Search for him on YouTube and ask him directly (DEASTES Music)

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hello I absolutely adore your work sadly I can't buy anything for now but I've seen all the streams I love LeRose as  Character  so I decided to make fan art I hope you like it  the speed paint will be on my YouTube  channel soon 


aww this is wonderful, thank you : )

glad you liked it : ) 

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Hi! First of all, loving the game so far! It’s so unique, adorable, and eerie And I love the atmosphere. Second, I didn’t realize until I already bought the game that you could see the art book for 6.99. I’d love to see it! Could I possibly throw some extra your way now and get it?

I just played it and I loved it (I got the good ending on the first try).

It has so many options that I don't know how to get the other endings, would you be interested in doing a guide in the future?

I also played Parsnip, and I loved it.

I love all your games (I'll play the third one soon).

Thank you so much for you hard work!<3<3<3<3


Figure this will be the strangest comment, but feels it needs to be said. 

Despite Trixie being a wimp, or coward, or such things, they are a breath of fresh air.  After playing lovecraft-like games with yet another grizzled detective(drinking problem optional), Trixie is a nice surprise.  For one, despite their faults, Trixie can be likeable and memorable.

You got humor, not just the constant bleakness of cosmic spheres all the time.  There's weight when things go bad and you worry what will happen next.  Everyone feels like a character, and have nice dreams beyond that lurking horror hinted to exist.  It's all rather pleasant, yet still holds the "things which exist in the dark corners of the earth" feel as well.

Sometimes, all you need to bring down a 18th century necromancer is a very committed family physician.  And that guy didn't even need a gun to defeat old Curwin.  If only other game titles understood simplicity with horror.  Not always bleak, not always chasing shadows, and no monster waves to fight off.

Might feel like a La Rose rant on glitter, but this is an eldritch setting I look forward to revisiting time and again.


Trixie may be a wimpy coward but she is my wimpy coward, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!


It occurs to me that the ratings and reviews aren't publicly visible on itch for whatever reason, so I'll be reposting my review in the hope of convincing more people to try this, since from what I gather Digital Poppy has a far smaller following than they deserve.

"A very interesting visual novel with branching pathways that add a surprising level of replayability. At times it proved genuinely scary, though I admit I'm something of an easy scare. Polish can be a bit lacking at times, but for an indie game clearly made on a rather small budget, that's certainly forgivable. Full disclosure, I did get this in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, so the effectively zero price for me may have biased my view somewhat. Regardless, I sincerely recommend anyone who finds the idea interesting to give the game a shot."

As of late I've also had more thoughts on the game (and its sequel!) which I'd like to write out here for... whatever reason. To get them out, I suppose. You see, I found myself strangely transfixed on this game even though by all measurements I could think of it wasn't a stand-out game. It was good, don't get me wrong, but didn't seem to be the kind of thing that I would just keep thinking about.

I think that the game stood out to me so much is simply that it has real heart - that is, you can see the love and effort put into it. Too many games these days feel so manufactured, with the only emotion being that strange corporate shadow of emotion. I am by no means a wordsmith and when it comes to feelings I am even less so, but there is a real honesty in this game's creation that I have difficulty putting into words. For that alone, I highly recommend it and also advise those who enjoyed this to look into the developer's other works, and perhaps even follow the developer. They certainly deserve the attention.

Oh yeah, and as so many others have noted, a cast of characters that would make old racists wet their graves is a superb addition, it's always great to see proper LGBT+ representation in media.


This is such a kind comment, thank you so much :') For reference our budget was about Β£100, free time from unemployment and a lot of hoping we would make a profit!

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Wow! That's really impressive. Glad you appreciate the comment, I'm not big on reviews but this game really stuck with me and I felt that I should show my appreciation :). I really am excited for whatever you release next.

Okay, so I played Parsnip before this and completely missed the "The King In Yellow" stuff on my first playthrough. It was a fun little thing i thought, because i  really had no idea what the cursed play was.

This game, however, got me incredibly interested in the cursed play. I've played this game like 5.... 7? times trying to squeeze every last bit of content out of it (still not done, I have a to-do list) 

In an attempt to not spiral into the rabbit hole (haha) that is THAT, my brain started making connections between Trixie and I. I love her. She's me but a girl and also a rat but that doesn't matter too much. This is the first time i've played as a trans character in a video game without having made the character myself! It's safe to say I love it. I will also be playing Three lesbians in a barrow after Rat and Bat because like 6 separate of my friends recommended it to me.

I love how when you take one path, the events from another path  still (kinda) happen, and the fact that the entire universe is so deeply saturated in lore... the deer god.... the mask. the SHEEP.  all the tiny little details. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

Anyway out of all of that I literally only have one question. What is Cyber Drak-Cool-Yas From Mars an in-universe analog for? Nobody writes a character like this unless they have direct experience with a show like Trixie likes. I'm about to play Rat and Bat specifically for Mars bat research.

drak kool yas  is supposed to just be a goofy bad cartoon. I based the name on biker mice from Mars :)


aaaaah this game is so UNIQUE! not being able to see trixie's insight score keeps the whole thing mysterious. i love that the subtle differences across playthroughs means that the story is pieced together over multiple tries.  i've played through two routes so far (bell and gregg) and gotten two dramatically different endings, but i'm definitely going to try again with heidi's arc too! the skip button means that subsequent playthoughs are easy/quick too, esp since it automatically stops when you reach new content.  also, like others have already pointed out, seeing a cast of LGBT chars is so fucking great (even if we're watching them all slowly unravel from c o s m i c  h o r r o r).


Gameplay : β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†
Story : β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†
Dialogue  : β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†
Characters : β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
Art : β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
Music :  β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

I'm so glad that Manlybadasshero introduced me to Parsnip, a lovely game you guys made before <3

The art book will give you goody insight about the characters!

The soundtrack (BGM)  is very well made! Reminds me of Advance Wars character themes! Carcosa (BGM) is very spooky! Helps the writing send additional goosebumps!


- My top 3 -

"The Laziest Afternoon"

Violin... Guitar... PERFECTION

Just check this out... Very fitting <3 

"That Crystal Goth"
I consider this as a part of Trixie Trixs (game)... Very lovely flute!


I've done all of the routes (Heidi, Gregg & Bell)

Heidi route, I think Heidi is the most open and caring to Trixie, even though she's willing to use Trixie for her "Poundtown" deals...

What I think is canon?
Bell route (Just played the follow up/supplemental game today, I'll tell you my thoughts about it in the follow up game's page * W *) Yeah, the follow up game confirmed my thoughts about the Bell route, since I think it develops Trixie more than other routes. Made Trixie open up to us and to someone she's friends with...

Gregg Route?


Nikita funnily enough reminds me of myself, minus the straightforwardness.

I feel sorry for Trixie.

Neufrund New Friend, he's creeping me out, but he's kinda cute though~

Heidi... Hahahahahaha... I feel sorry for her.

Bell still rocks.

Parsnip is very cute, although he's not really himself. (Or is he???)
On my first playthrough I did my best to stay "friendly true" to him.
I enjoyed all of the parts that has him in it <3
I still can't dismiss that pixelated artwork of his though * W * I think LeRose redraw it on this game.

LeRose seems autobiographical at some instances (that costume change). If its true... then the "rant" on Parsnip will make the vibes of spite I've got even more real.  In a third world country, you'll most likely get to rant something about the accessibility of art tools. That you can get restricted in expressing yourself for financial reasons. You can be crafty, unless you're not taught or influenced enough to push forward and be resourceful. I'm speaking of my elementary school days. Speaking of this hobby of mine, I'm financially incapable of getting myself a pentab. I've been making art with just this mouse of mine since 2017. I learned to be resourceful and used this guide to help myself. I feel hopeless, then hopeful, then hopeless, then hopeful, then hopeless, then hopeful, but I'll continue going against the current nonetheless. Capitalism is important to make art "valuable" but in return... you must invest financially on the tools, to build something that can help you make a living out of art.


Final words,

As a trainee priestess, I have no will to criticize.
I'm just here enjoying what you guys are making.
Others can do it themselves for the sake of helping in improving the creative work.

I'm from South East Asia, the price set is affordable and reasonable. Thank you guys for making this game accessible for people like me.

The biggest strengths you guys have I think... MUSIC, CHARACTERS, and ART 


Keep up the good work <3


I've only done one playthrough so far, but the game is amazing.  Normally i'm not big on visual novel games. Usually they have this weird gimmick where its like ""ok, do everything and then you get the "true" ending"" usually just making the game a skipfest that bogs down quick. This game is different. Its entertaining in all the right ways, with interesting characters that you want to learn more about. Plus the game is subtly different each time you play it, actually encouraging repeat playthroughs from the BEGINNING. Its awesome. I will admit that I was extremely fond of the first games style, but the visual novel style fit this games much bigger and expansive scope that I could just not see it working in the first games style. Also playing this game immediately after a play of the first game was quite the treat :)

Overall amazing experience. I cant wait to do more playthroughs of this game from the beginning and see all sorts of new stuff, but I gotta let this first time through the game sit with me a bit. Thank you for such an amazing game.

i can't believe i paid for a visual novel

worth the money though

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