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'Cyber Drak-Cool-Yas From Mars: Rat and Bat. Love and Hate.' is a short (15 - 30 min) visual novel about Trixie Glimmer Smith, a rat on a quest to avoid writing her coursework report writing some thrilling self insert fanfiction set in the world of her favourite cartoon 'Cyber Drak-Cool-Yas from Mars'!

Romance! Action! Morals! It has it all!

If you enjoy Trixies fanfiction, check her out in her full length VN https://digital-poppy.itch.io/trixie !

Content Warning:

Mild lewd


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Rat and_Bat - mac 76 MB


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Yeah...everyone has a first. 🤣

i like the game and love the series, but i realized you can't put the game on your desktop or connect it with steam, because if you want to start it from there, an error message pops up stating that important files are missing. unlike with parsnip, starting the game via taskbar works just fine

Trixie is a hilarious main character, I hope she appears in more work.

This was my favorite secretly, it was ultra cute. It really seems to explore Trixi's suppressed sexuality of being bi or pan? Thats how I came away after reviewing the other games first.

Haha, I needed more Trixie in my life and this was a delightful little escapade into her world, super thrilled to enjoy a bit more of miss Glimmer Smith!



anyways, cool game!!

Trixie is the most relatable character in the entire universe. This actually inspired me to stop writing fanfiction all day and finish the self insert kinda romantic Visual Novel about the monkey team ive been putting off.

On my watch list.
I'm excited to know what's in here.

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Just finished playing through, loved this short story! I find myself relating to Trixie a lot, especially with being unable to write action scenes and being kind of a layabout. 

I've been playing your games for the past few days and they've been great. The part where Cyber Bat Wildstar told Cyber Bat Digiwraith to shut up has made my evening. Thanks for making some excellent games!

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After seeing a couple of episodes on YouTube featuring a playthrough of The Testimony (which I bought immediately along with TLiaB - LOVE the art book included), I just HAD to get this as well to find out what the rat's fascination is with this bat-centric series! I ADORE these characters! Thank you for sharing your work Poppy, it's made me very happy - a very welcome change, I assure you! 🥰

I'm glad you enjoyed them!