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You have very interesting way of telling stories. It's funny and dark and you sometimes you never really know what happens. All side characters are very lovable, too. I would love to hang out with Bell or help Heidi or Greg in their stores. Bell and Heidi remind me a bit of Applejack and Rainbow Dash. Trixie is really adorable in this game, sometimes I just wanted to hug her because of all the trouble she has with Nikita. You are a person who is able to create characters you care for and who stay in ones head. I hope Bell, Heidi and Greg will be part of another game in the future. Thank you very much for this experience.

Thank you so much for your kind words : ) Bell is very applejack!


I really just delayed sleeping for 4 hours just to see the story to the end. This was great. I really, really enjoyed playing through this!

I'm really glad you had fun!

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The King in Yellow..... is that a reference to one of hp Lovecraft's entity's called Hastur? or the book of the same name by Robert W. Chambers? or the play? or just a coincidence?

edit: it was the play i got it

anyway good game


A reference to the book : ) its my favourite weird fiction book, far more than any of Lovecrafts work.



i just finished watching a playthrough of parsnip and i just had to buy the sequel to try, it warms my heart so much to see a trans protagonist and so many other queer supporting characters with an amazing story to boot!! thanks for making such amazing queer content, keep it up<3


Is there a place or a way I can add to my purchase to get the artbook? I bought this through the bundle sale. Thank you!

Not that I am aware of, sorry : ( Feel free to DM me on twitter if you are able to and I can send you a copy for free : )

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I don't have a Twitter, but what if I e-mail you?

Edit: Eh, nevermind. Just call it a donation!

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this was pretty excellent, a great followup to parsnip! trixie is delightful, i can definitely see a lot of myself in her =] still some typos and whatnot in a few places but that's to be expected with such a large amount of text.

the music is fantastic! i really like the way each character has their own variation [parsnip's character remains a blessing on my life, aha]

while i do think i preferred the previous game's artstyle, having to scale down to something easier to make is completely understandable and honestly it's still really good.

one thing i will say though is that bell's route seemed to be a lot more fleshed out compared to heidi's or gregg's [the latter of which had some stuff that quite broke the immersion for me, though i'll not spoil it here] - though perhaps this was just due to me playing bell's route first and using the skip function on the others.

i really appreciate the reveal of how bell and LeRose are queer =] absolutely looking forward to playing the next installment!

Thank you for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed Trixe! 
Strangely I feel Bells route is the weakest : ) But that might just be because it was the last one I wrote!
Bell and LeRose were actually hinted at in one or two lines of dialogue in Parsnip, but I think they were fairly hard to find : )

Very interesting story. The characters are all fantastic and have some great and clever dialogue.