It's Snowmas tomorrow, and Trixie is excited to spend it with her best friend Tabby and her best friend / greatest rival Nikita!

Still, all is not well, for at the stroke of midnight Snowmas tradition dictates the group must reveal their deepest wishes to one another, and Trixie's self confidence wavers more than ever...

'Three Lesbians in a Winter Special' is a short bitsy sequel to the visual novels 'The Testimony of Trixie Glimmer Smith' and 'Three Lesbians in a Barrow' (but this story is stand-alone and contain *very* minimal 'spoilers' if you haven't played the previous games!)

How To Play:

Use the WASD keys, the arrows keys or swipe to move and advance dialogue.  Press or swipe right to choose an option. Walk into something to interact with it. There's lots of look at, so try walking into anything that catches your eye whether that be an interesting poster, a snowy stick, a *tiny* Snowmas decoration or a even grouchy deer!


Features art by the wonderful Mia, a festive rendition of the series soundtrack by the musical DEastes and original character designs by the lovely R.T! As well as the following bitsy hacks by Sean S. LeBlanc: Transparent Sprites, Bitsymuse, Dialog choices, Long dialog, Character portraits, and the custom BG hack by Ben and Freya!

Content Warnings:

(Light-heartedly) argumentative relationships, suggestive content, bad language, and discussion of insecurity.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(75 total ratings)
AuthorDigital Poppy
GenreVisual Novel
Made withbitsy
TagsBitsy, Christmas, Comedy, Furry, Lesbian, LGBT, Queer, Romance, Short, Story Rich
Average sessionA few minutes


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THIS IS SO WHOLESOME AAAAAH, i really wish there where more games of this trio, i love them sm

I have been having to play bitsy games for a class I am taking and so far yours is the most amazing (they all are amazing but you art and design is just WOW). I gotta ask because I am playing around with bitsy at the moment. How did you manage to put your art into bitsy? I was under the impression it had to look highly pixelated but now my jaw is on the floor because of the awesomeness of your game.

I don't remember all of the specifics I had to do, but if you check the acknowledgements section of the games page you can find a list of bitsy hacks I used :)

Ah! Awesome! Thank you so much for replying!

Man, after everything these gals have went through and they still have to worry about global warming and billionaires killing their planet smh.

(This was delightful, I'm so glad I checked up on this creator after randomly thinking "Man I remember TToTGS" out of nowhere)

yeah same

Are these characters from anything? Because I love them dearly. 

They're from my previous games, The Testimony of Trixie Glimmer Smith and Three Lesbians in a Barrow :)

oh my lord i have never a seen a bitsy game look this good

that was excellent 

everything a Christmas queer like myself needs to  truly have a great time



these three make me feel things and i too hope to someday be a weak little rat girl attempting to grow breasts and kill god myself


anythings possible ifu  put ur mind to it


i wish i could use this advice to draw but i don't because i feel like i'll get it right once and then fuck up the body or something so i just dont draw


Sometimes, I feel like I'm the only Trixie fan left.


I've come back to these girls two years after they broke my egg and ahh my heart


Me when I realize this is bitsy :0


I really loved this. I played the last two games before this recently, and I also enjoyed them. It has been really neat seeing how everything with the characters (and also with the writing and style) changed over time, and it's lovely to see Trixie have a nice moment and get support after the last two games. Thank you for releasing it.


"Despite everything , Trixie is still Trixie" My god... it hits me...


Heya, um, how'd you make this with Bitsy?! Honestly awestricken!


Poppy your work is seriously a joy to go through, this small game made me feel so many things. I owe these lesbians my life


the writing improved since last time


I think so too : )


Did you HAVE  to call me out for standing in front of the window?


I don’t really write these sorta thoughts out to be generally broadcast publicly very much due to anxiety and depression (if I did, I’d probably actually post things on twitter more often), so this is probably going to read pretty rough, but I just feel like this is the best way to express it. Basically, right around when you originally put this out after I’d been following your work on it, my laptop screen got busted and I had to send it in for repairs. It’s still stuck in the shop, but I’ve finally managed to get a temporary replacement. So I’ve been thinking about this a lot for roughly two or three months, holding off watching anyone else play it because, well, your work means a lot to me and it has since I first encountered it.

Over the past couple days I’ve just taken the chance to go through your stuff again for the first time in a while, re-experiencing it and thinking about it a lot, starting with the short stories then going into the games, saving the Winter Special for last. Some of it’s a little rougher than others, sure, just from evolution over time and my own growing as a person with evolving tastes and all that, but all of it still really vibes with me in its own way. Especially once I got to Trixie’s stuff, all of which especially strikes a chord.

My own gender and sexuality is still rather up in the air (all I’m sure on is some flavor of bi and Not Cis) and I find I have a lot of trouble reaching out or focusing or doing things Right, so Trixie is really endearing and easy to strongly connect to, even if I don’t express myself in the same way. And in some ways, she feels… achievable. That’s probably not the right word. Just, that connection with her feels like I could genuinely be in her place, that I could try and accomplish some of the same things or try and form connections. In ways I genuinely don’t see much even as much as I love a lot of other protagonists (or, well, lead characters).

I’m definitely rambling too much, so I’ll try and just cut to it. I just… kinda cried after playing the Winter Special. I cried because I still feel that really strong fondness with Trixie, and Nikita and Tabby as well, and that relatability is still there and powerful even as time’s passed and things have gotten better for them, and I’m just… really happy for everyone. And I wanted to share that, because it really meant something to me. That’s all.

So, uh. Thank you, Poppy.


I'm so happy my games have meant so much to you, it makes it feel like it was worth making them <3 thank you so much


i want to write sort of a bittersweet review just in case anyone is like me and needs the misery-company.

much like the last two games, this one's heartbreakingly cute and genuinely funny. digital poppy is an amazing writer with super engaging characters that are impossible not to genuinely care about. this game also carries on the trend in the series of being more fluffy, lighthearted, conflictless, and just altogether... ideal. which is to say it's going to be a delightful time for most people.

but as trixie's world gets easier to live in, someone who was once one of the only trans girls i could relate to became someone who feels like an unreachable goal. originally trixie's design/writing felt like "here's trixie. she is a little different from cis girls, but she is lovable, and cute, and perfect as is." she was someone i could let myself hope to be like. in this game, the designs/writing all feel like "here are 3 very cute girls :)" and it's like yeah, they sure are! as she moved on and became more idealized, especially by the end of this game, i couldn't help but feel this dysphoric, left-behind reaction. who *wouldn't* think trixie's adorable now, no one needs to be told to think so.

which is petty, i know. obviously trans girls deserve happiness, and trans characters deserve happiness. anyone who enjoys happy endings deserves to read them. anyone who can believe that they're not lesser for how they were born deserves to. i am happy for trixie! and if how well she's doing is reflective of poppy doing well, i'm happy for her too! but for the rest of us, the ones who will never get to "three lesbians in a winter special" trixie, i hope reading this makes you feel a little less left behind and lonely.


this is a really well thought out comment, thank you so much for this perspective ! Originally I never planned for trixie to work out with tabby and nikita, I felt she was too emotionally unstable and not ready for this kind of thing, much like I felt early in my transition. Over the last year though finding two amazing partners has changed my life, and when it came to finally writing the script for my goofy feel good holiday game I couldn't bring myself to hurt trixie. She's done so much for me over my transition and I couldn't bare to end this little arc on a sad note for her.  I wanted her to be happy :)

I'd love to explore the less cheerful aspects of her character again in future though, here's hoping :)


this is pretty poggies if i do say so myself


This was a fantastic and gay game and I appreciate everything y'all make!!


this is really pretty!

I just played the whole game through without having played the prior entries... but even so, this was so enjoyable! The work you did to escalate Bitsy aesthetics really pays off, and the entire game was wonderful to look at and listen to! Your writing was excellent, and I was so happy for Trixie and her ?new partners? at the end! I will be going back and playing the first two entries later, I loved this so much!

It is so nice seeing the characters 'growing' as the times pass. Nikita was a character I didn't liked it at all at first, but this change. She changed. Everyone change. We only hope to change to become better persons at the end. Nikita keeps changing to become little by little better.

Thank you once again for this game. Cheers!!!

(1 edit)

An adorable game further developing these incredibly lovable three characters and their relationship. The writing does an amazing job of being funny enough to make me laugh to myself like a maniac while still hitting hard with the emotional beats. The art really brings out the characters' personalities, as does the excellent music! I rate this five out of five lovely ladies.

Sorry if this kind of reads emotionless and sterile like an academic paper, I think I may have remote-learning-induced brain rot. I enjoyed this a lot! It's really great.


I loved it, what a nice way to start the year



this is very cute


Very lovely game from a very lovely lady


thank you fio deer!


That was absolutely adorable, and the character deconstruction was very very sweet. The music quieting outside was also a huge treat, having quiet moments is always great. I can't wait to see what you do next!


thank you.

Deleted 1 year ago

im sorry you got sad but im glad you got ok : )


That was darling and everything I could have hoped for. I love the alternate worldbuilding, the warm queer vibe, the very bullyable rat...


I absolutely loved this game! It has such a cozy, gay vibe that is just everything I want in life. I loved the dialogue -- I miss hanging out with my friends who truly understand the joy of argumentative banter. The graphics are lovely, and the plot is so simple in a great way. The commentary and musings about capitalism and the like are so interesting, especially since they tell you more about the characters, too!

In the beginning I had a bit of trouble figuring out whose name was whose; nametags beside the icons or maybe highlighting names in the text with their respective speaking colors (purple for Tabby, orange for Nikita, etc.) could be helpful, but maybe you wanted the player to have to learn them in that way!

I was wondering if this is bitsy because, if so, I'm so curious as to how you did those graphics and included choices! I haven't seen either in many bitsy games.

I'm not sure if I understood the ending completely, but I enjoyed the game so much that I will most likely be replaying just to read the text more carefully and bask in the cozy feeling. Merry Snowmas! :)


I had a smile on my face the whole way through! And got exactly what I hoped the ending would be.

Definitely need to make my boyfriend play all these games in the near future.


This is so incredibly cute! I just binged Testimony and Three Lesbians in Barrow before this. I really like the alterations to your art style between the three games. It adds a unique character to each that really fits the feeling of each game.

All the little details you put into this were delightful! I tried interacting with everything. I really hope I missed something though in case there is a different ending where you actually see them read their letters to each other. If not, I'm still really excited to see where this series continues to go, even if my gay heart craves it now.

(2 edits) (+1)

i just got home from work & this was the best thing to come home to, thank you for creating...! please know that i love trixie, nikita & tabby so much & to hear a winter special warms my heart so much !!! thank you for making one of my favorite series of vns & on top of that with lgbt+ representation i adore !!! <333

(3 edits)


this was sooo, sooo sweet & precious, i love this so much !! ; w ; i ended up crying a bit on & off, though, the ending was so sweet to me, as well as how cozy, detailed, warm & endearing all the details & emotional intricacies of the cottage & its decorations & trio, the art & music was also very comforting & beautiful, as well as how the pixels/artstyle is warm & comfy,, 

i'm so proud of nikita & her relationship with tabby & trixie warms my heart so much seeing them from ttotgs to now,, it made me a bit teary at the end,, they all love each other so much & i can only hope that if they all wanted to, they'd be in a relationship altogether,, 

thank you so much for creating & sharing this trio with us, trixie & her friends brightened up my 2020 & it is a real treat to have such a precious follow-up in 2021 !! ; u ;


aww, this means so much to me, im so glad you've enjoyed my work <3


ya did good poppy <3


thank you dog girl! Bark bark bark!


I was really engaged the whole way through!  I'm guessing there's multiple endings and I probably didn't get the best one?  But the lovely atmosphere really hit home~~  This is super, super impressive for less than a month of development time!  :o  


Ahhh!  This is such a lovely and cute and sweet game!  Great writing and wonderful art!  It's so nice to get to see these characters again <3


Absolutely darling. Every little bit of this was charming and gripping and heartwarming.

Thank you so much! <3




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